Union Dues Administration



BrightLogix offers a robust Union Dues Administration system, delivered as a web-based application through the Software as a Service (SaaS) model. Designed specifically for Union organizations, our platform simplifies and streamlines administrative responsibilities, utilizing comprehensive functionality and state-of-the-art technology.

With our system, your staff gains the ability to easily manage member and employer demographic information, track and collect dues rates, perform Local accounting, and submit dues to other organizations like District Councils or your International. Additionally, you can efficiently monitor member statuses, identifying those in good Active status, Suspended, or Expelled.

Beyond Union Dues, BrightLogix provides other valuable modules to enhance Local operations. Our Local Job Administration module allows you to manage Out-Of-Work lists, Shop Steward Reports, Member Dispatching, and general Job Site maintenance. The Organizing Management module helps you track Phone Banks and Job Action attendance, while the Training Fund Management module enables auditing of the Schedule of Classes, Class Attendance, and Certifications.

With our extensive expertise and experience in the Multiemployer industry, BrightLogix is dedicated to providing IT solutions that drive efficiencies and cost savings for these organizations. We understand the unique needs of Union organizations and offer tailored solutions to empower your operations and foster growth.

Enhanced Union Dues Software
Delinquency Management
International Data Integration
Out-Of-Work List Management
Training and Certification Tracking

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