Participant Web Portal


Participant Portal

Our Participant Portals offer Fund Participants a secure Internet-enabled system, granting them access to personalized information regarding their benefits. With just a click, they can view or download important forms and documents, address inquiries in a standardized manner, and minimize their need to contact the fund office, ensuring efficiency and convenience. Operating 24/7, these portals empower Participants to access the information they require at their convenience.

Our Portals provide the option to display real-time data or static data that can be updated according to your preferences. Here are some key functionalities available through our Participant Web Portals:

    Health & Welfare Fund Information:
  • Plan Elections
  • Hours/Dollar Banks
  • Eligibility Determinations
  • Dependent Information
    Pension Fund Information:
  • Service and Benefit Accruals
  • Vesting Percentages
  • Retirement Dates
  • Estimated Benefit Calculations
    Annuity Fund Information:
  • Online Statements
  • Contributions, Withdrawals and Loan Information
    Vacation Fund Information
  • Online Statements
  • Contributions, Withdrawals
Some Of The Major Benefits To The Fund
  • With 24/7 access, calls and mailings can be significantly reduced.
  • Our Portals can supplement an existing website or act as a standalone site.
  • Our Portals can integrate with any administration system.
  • Cost Effective: give us a call or send us an email and one of our representatives will be glad to discuss your needs.
Participants can view information pertaining to
Health & Welfare Eligibility
Pension Accruals
Annuity and Vacation Balances
SPDs, SMMs, Miscellaneous forms

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