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Employer Portal

BrightLogix's Employer Portals offer Benefit Funds a secure and user-friendly Internet-enabled system, facilitating the efficient collection of remittance information from employers. With seamless data upload options supporting various file formats and intuitive manual entry, employers can easily submit their data. Our advanced features, including contract rate lookup, contribution determination, and robust data validation, ensure swift and accurate remittance entry, enhancing overall administrative efficiency.

Designed to streamline the remittance process, our Employer Portals provide a hassle-free experience for employers, reducing the chances of errors and ensuring compliance with fund requirements. Through this secure platform, Benefit Funds can seamlessly manage remittance data, enhancing operational efficiency and optimizing the relationship between employers and the fund.

Below is a list of some of the highlights of our Employer Web Portals.
  • Electronic Remittance Capabilities: Employers can upload remittance information using a variety of file formats, including Excel, ASCII fixed-width and ASCII delimited formats.
  • Manual Entry: Employers can manually enter individual Participant information or copy information from a prior remittance as a starting point.
  • New Participants: Employers can submit demographic information for new Participants and provide updated information for existing Participants when necessary.
  • Contracts: Employers can view applicable contracts and contract rates while entering or editing remittances.

Any other information that you would like employers to have access to can be available via these portals as well.

Some of the major benefits to Funds are:
  • Employer Portals will use rates from your collective bargaining agreements to calculate expected contributions per remittance, eliminating inaccuracies and rounding issues caused by manual calculations.
  • Data files containing remittance information can be loaded into your existing administration system. All employer remittances will be in a standard format.
  • Cost Effective: give us a call or send us an email and one of our representatives will be glad to discuss your needs.
Employers can utilize the portal for the following
Remittance Submission
Viewing Contracts Rates
Other Miscellaneous Inquiries
Training and Certification Tracking

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