Benefit Fund Administration



THA 360° is an advanced web-based application, carefully crafted as a Software as a Service (SaaS) model, tailored specifically for Multiemployer Benefit Fund offices and third-party administrators. With its comprehensive functionality and cutting-edge technology,THA 360° simplifies and streamlines administrative responsibilities, optimizing operational efficiency.

Our platform offers flexible and efficient administration solutions for various organizational needs, including contribution accounting, Health & Welfare processing (eligibility, plan elections, etc.), Pension processing (Plan Year service, accruals, benefit calculations, actuarial extracts, etc.), Annuity processing, Vacation processing, and more. THA 360° is designed to meet Fund requirements for managing contribution liability by seamlessly tracking unlimited collective bargaining agreements and reciprocal agreements, while also determining expected contributions based on corresponding rates, and accurately calculating overages and delinquencies.

As part of the package, THA 360° includes two invaluable portals: the Participant Web Portal and the Employer Web Portal. The Participant portal empowers participants to access their work history and benefits information online, enabling them to submit questions or comments directly to your staff. On the other hand, the Employer portal facilitates online remittance submission, streamlining the process and reducing customer service calls and in-house manual remittance entry, leading to cost savings for the funds.

Additionally, THA 360° provides comprehensive functionality for other benefits, such as Supplemental Unemployment Benefits and VEBAs, ensuring that your organization can handle diverse benefit needs seamlessly and efficiently. With THA 360°, Multiemployer Benefit Fund offices and third-party administrators can stay ahead of their administrative tasks, all while delivering a superior user experience to participants and employers.

Our Benefit Fund Administration software offers the following functionality
Contribution Accounting
Health & Welfare Processing
Pension Fund Processing
Annuity, Vacation, SUB, etc.

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