The Benefits of Outsourcing Your node.js Development Tasks

Unlike other web technologies, Node.js is neither a framework nor a library. It’s a runtime environment based on the open-source JavaScript engine, V8, which was initially purpose-built for the Chrome web browser.

Node.js makes it possible for developers to build, test, and run their web applications outside of their web browser; giving them the freedom to run their applications on standalone machines.

Thanks to its lightweight programming capabilities and code reusability, Node.js helps speed up the development process, enabling businesses to conceptualize and launch innovative web applications quickly and seamlessly.

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How does it Works?

Node.js is an open-source JavaScript runtime environment that runs the V8 JavaScript engine outside of the browser, enabling developers to create cross-platform applications independently of traditional web browsers. Unlike other server-side backend technologies, Node.js employs an asynchronous approach, handling multiple requests simultaneously without creating a new thread for each one. This unique feature allows Node.js to minimize waiting times, making it highly efficient and accessible, even with minimal computing power, while delivering seamless and cost-effective solutions for web applications. By treating each request as an individual entity, Node.js revolutionizes backend development, offering unparalleled performance and responsiveness.

It is not limited by the amount of requests it can handle at once. If you ask Node.js to handle the same file request, it would handle it like so: 1) First, it would send the task to the computer’s file system; 2) Then, it would immediately be ready to handle the next request, despite the fact that the previous task was yet to be completed, and; 3) Lastly, once the file system has opened and read the file, the server would then return the content to the client side.

By taking this asynchronous approach, Node.js greatly reduces the waiting times associated with other backend web technologies. Here, each request is treated as its own unique entity, irrespective of all other requests in the pipeline. More impressively, it is able to take this approach without requiring heaps of computing power, making it a highly accessible and cost-efficient solution.

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Benefits of node.JS

Now that you have a basic understanding of how Node.js works, here are just some of its many advantages:

Incredibly fast at building real-time, high-traffic applications: Including chatbots, games and much more

Able to code in JavaScipt for both the client and server side: Which eliminates the need for developers to learn two separate programming languages.

Increasingly large number of tools and modules to use: Thanks to the likes of npm (Node Package Manager), which contains various packages that developers can use to solve all sorts of common problems, we can enhance app functionality while streamlining the development process. To date, there are over 86,000 libraries available in the npm registry.

Great performance and scalability: As a single-threaded, event-driven architecture, Node.js can handle multiple simultaneous connections at once. This makes it ideal for performing complex tasks, without placing an enormous strain on the computer's CPU and RAM. What's more, Node.js is great for app scalability, featuring robust tools like the PM2 process manager, which makes it easy for developers to monitor and optimize their JavaScript apps in real-time.

Versatile across many industries: There's a good reason why companies like Netflix, LinkedIn, Uber and NASA have started implementing Node.js into their technology. It's powerful enough to help developers build a wide range of applications, while delivering exceptional performance, streamlined development cycles, and enabling businesses to get products to market sooner.

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